Rates and Fares may vary based on the date/time of travel and the date/time of booking. Please visit our Book Now page for exact pricing and schedules based on your travel information.

Full Price including terminal fee, transaction fee, fuel surcharge, ferry fares, and taxes does not appear until the shopping cart screen. Prices shown on the departure selection screen are the bus fare only and are NOT the final price. Departure screen prices should only be used to determine if one departure is cheaper than another, not as your final cost, as the total cost will go up once the ferry fare, fees, taxes, and any add-on services you might be interested in have been added.

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Important: Final cost of your bus travel for the BC Ferries Connector will include any applicable BC Ferries Fares. BC Ferries Fares are non-taxable, and subject to change by that company at any time. The BC Ferries Fare will not appear until the final shopping cart screen during the purchase process.